Why choose to establish a MOND practice?

We offer professional support for every dentist and patient and a reception to bring all communications together in one place.

  • Financial support: MOND can provide financial resources to assist with the start-up of your practice. This allows you to invest in modern appliances, equipment and facilities.
  • Access to experienced mentors: as part of MOND, you will have access to experienced dentists and specialists who will serve as mentors and guide you in setting up your practice.
  • Efficient management: we can support you with the administrative and operational aspects of your practice so that you can concentrate on caring for your patients.
  • Joint marketing: by working together with MOND, you can take advantage of joint marketing campaigns to promote your practice and quickly build brand awareness.

The benefits of working with MOND

MOND offers you, in your career as a dentist, the opportunity to build your dream practice and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Experienced support and assistance in every area
  • Professional development and training opportunities
  • Highest standards of quality of care and patient satisfaction
  • Advanced technology and resources 
  • MOND takes care of any worries you might have concerning practice management