About MOND

Complete oral care for every patient through a comprehensive range of quality treatments carried out in a professional setting.

Our philosophy

At MOND, our professional team uses our modern infrastructure and environment to provide high-quality oral care based on your individual needs, thanks to a modern infrastructure.

Our dentists, dental specialists and dental laboratories are all based under one roof, allowing us to offer the most appropriate solution for every dental issue and all possible procedures.

  • Wide range of dental specialities under one roof.
  • Modern facilities and advanced technologies.
  • Experienced team of knowledgeable specialists.
  • Clear and transparent explanations to specifically answer your questions.
Our philosophy

The story of MOND

The story of MOND starts in 2008 in the form of Mond@Medipolis in Wilrijk. There, Dr. Tommie van de Velde provided a new, adapted form of dental care in Flanders. Together with a group of motivated, innovative dentists, he shifted the focus to providing a quality approach in everything they did. First and foremost, it was about relieving the pressures on dentists so they could have the time and space to focus on the essence of their job: providing quality dentistry and oral health care.

The story of MOND
We strive to deliver new standards of oral health care

Within the practice, this translated into providing professional assistance for each dentist and patient and ensuring there was a central point of contact for all their questions. This new way of working was welcomed with open arms by the dentists, specialists and other staff. The result was a motivated and dynamic team and it ultimately introduced a contemporary standard of oral health care for patients.

This successful approach was converted in 2014 into a modern, Antwerp-based practice in the beautiful Groen Kwartier. MOND's innovative DNA in how to do things went hand-in-hand with this vibrant urban development project – the outcome was a high-tech and modern practice. Once again, patients were able to rely on receiving high-quality treatment for their oral health care needs. To further build upon the ethos of MOND, this practice, like the practice in Sint-Martens-Latem, also houses its own dental lab under the direction of Ben Vernaillen.

The founders

With their knowledge, expertise, and drive for continuous improvement, the three founders, Alexander Declerck, Tommie Van de Velde, and Piet Van Waes, laid a solid foundation for the further development of MOND.