MOND Academy

At MOND dental practices, we strongly believe in encouraging the professional development of dentists and practice staff. That is why we cooperate with MOND DCC in Stekene to therefore organise a number of accredited, clinical training courses for our dentists and dental specialists

All MOND Academy training courses and events

There are currently no events planned. Keep an eye on our socials and website for the 2024 program.

About MOND Academy

At MOND, we want to do more than simply provide dental care. Our goal is to continually invest in the professional and personal growth of our dentists and practice staff. That is why our MOND Academy offers training courses and events that can help to strengthen these goals. All of the sessions take place at MOND DCC in Stekene, which forms the ideal setting for our innovative training centre.

We believe that it is not commercialisation that is key to providing top quality dental care, but continuing with professional development. That is why we not only share our expertise and advice within the MOND Group, but also with the broader dental community through the MOND Education program. This allows us to contribute to the growth and development of Flemish dentistry in general, and our dentists and their practice teams more specifically.

About MOND Academy