Natali Naeini

Natali Naeini


Expertise & Specialization(s)

Periodontics and implantology

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Periodontist Natali Naeini is our newest addition to the Mond Latem team. She completed her dental training at the prestigious university of King's College in London (voted 3rd best dental school in the world this year). After working as a dentist in London for a year, she opted for a new adventure in Belgium.

She followed the 3-year master-after-master program in periodontics at Ghent University. For example, like colleague Tommie Van de Velde, she is trained in implatology, periodontics and aesthetic mucogingival surgery.

She is currently combining a program in which she is starting a PhD following her previous research and she also works in a group practice in Maldegem and Norwich, England.

Thanks to her 3-year training in Ghent, she can speak to every patient in perfect Dutch (as well as in English, Swedish, Farsi and some French).