Why choose MOND to take over your practice?

We offer professional support for every dentist and patient and a reception to bring all communications together in one place.

  • Exchange best practices: as part of MOND, you have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience. Through our MOND Academy and other sources, we encourage the sharing of best practices so that you can benefit from the collective wisdom of our dentists.
  • Support and relief: MOND is there to help you with administrative tasks, centralise procurement procedures, optimise scheduling and much more. This allows you to focus on what really matters: providing high-quality oral health care to your patients.
  • Shared growth: we offer the possibility of forming a partnership, where you as the owner remain a co-partner. This means you can not only enjoy the growth of your practice, but also build and maintain private assets. Moreover, you can gradually cut down on the number of operational tasks you do by taking advantage of the support services provided by our group.

The benefits of MOND for dentists

MOND offers dentists a solid foundation upon which they can build their practice:

  • Experience: our team of experienced dentists and professionals are always ready to draw on their expertise to help you.
  • Training: we believe in continuous professional development and offer extensive training opportunities.
  • Business knowledge: we have a wealth of business experience we can use to help grow your practice.
  • Technology: as part of MOND, you have access to advanced IT knowledge and technology resources.
  • Real estate expertise: we understand the dental real estate market and can advise you on expansion plans and innovation.