Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry (also known as aesthetic dentistry) is a subfield within dentistry that focuses on optimising your smile in the way you wish, while also taking into account a number of objective parameters provided by your dentist.

The route to a radiant smile

More specifically, cosmetic dentistry is all about listening to the patient's needs and complaints, before breaking down the problems and deciding where there are options to intervene to improve the outcome. People often want to have a beautiful, natural, white smile. The way in which this can be achieved, however, varies greatly from person to person. When patients opt for a cosmetic smile enhancement treatment, here at MOND we understand you want to know what impact your treatment will have alongside a number of possible questions about your choice of treatment. A beautiful smile exudes confidence and this is what we want to achieve for you. 

This is why we use a digital smile design analysis and simulation. In this process, we create a simulation of your new smile based on some photos and scans so you can assess what it looks like before you actually have the treatment performed. This allows the dentist to correctly assess your expectations as a patient and discuss your needs and treatment goals. Only when everything is clear, will we schedule treatments. This is especially true for more extensive treatments involving porcelain veneers, or crown and bridge work.

The route to a radiant smile

Possible cosmetic treatments

The possible treatments that come under cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry are:

  • Bleaching (in-practice or at home): this process involves using a hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide-based gel to oxidise existing discolourations, making teeth whiter. This can be achieved at home using custom-made bleaching braces or in our dental practice where we can use additional products or a laser treatment. The options and potential outcomes should be discussed with the dentist and depend on the type of discolouration.
  • Reshaping: these are minor corrections made to the shape of the teeth by polishing or building up the edges or corners of the teeth. The building up process itself is usually completed using a composite (a tooth-coloured filling material).
  • Alignment: minor corrections to the position of the teeth using bite blocks or transparent, custom-made braces. These treatments are performed under the care of an orthodontist.
  • Veneers/facings: these are similar to placing a shield around the tooth that can correct both the colour, shape and (to a limited extent) the position of the teeth. They can be made from composite or porcelain. Both treatments provide wonderful solutions when used correctly and provide a multitude of options in terms of aesthetic restoration.
  • Crowns: these are porcelain ceramic caps that are placed over the teeth and encompass the entire tooth. They are especially useful when replacing old, existing metal-porcelain crowns or for teeth that have already been very extensively filled. The crowns allow the dental technician to exercise maximum freedom in reconstructing the new teeth.

Is a cosmetic dentistry something you’re interested in?

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